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The idea of Mailand saw daylight on May 11, 2006, at an Aalto Executive Education EMBA lecture: “Strategic communications for B2B companies and specialist organisations”. The consultancy was opened in February 2008. Since then we have served businesses and organisations who aim high and recognize the value of PR for their growth.

Mailand is a PR consultancy that supports leadership and builds value. Our clients are companies and organisations that thrive, rethink their industries and renew the society.

Communication connects the agencies, clients, the media, politician and authorities – and this co-operation requires sharing the same moral, legal and social values. This is the foundation of how Mailand works.

We are not afraid of throwing ourselves into even the most difficult tasks if there is a good cause. We will give our full support to companies and leaders who want to create a better society with their capabilities, build wealth, develop innovations, and improve our well-being and sustainability. It is easy to commit to such corporate cultures and people, and it also makes our work meaningful.

(Also, we can cite the Finnish rocker Mato Valtonen’s words that we don’t work for assholes.)


Alpo Räinä
Managing Partner, Senior Consultant
+358 40 5670212

As the Managing Partner at Mailand, Alpo concentrates on customer relationships and planning. He has vast experience as a PR and marketing partner especially to industrial, construction and technology innovation companies as well as industry associations. In his free time Alpo follows keenly the global media and reads about history, politics and cultural studies. His outdoor exercises include golf, cycling and cross-country skiing.

Alpo acts as the chairman of the Finnish PR Consultancies (a part of Marketing Finland) and as a member of the board at ICCO (International Communications Consultancies Organisation).

Maarit Saari
Senior Consultant, Partner
+358 50 5507599

Outi Arola
Senior Consultant
+358 40 5445784

For Outi, communication is a way to achieve the goals set for the organisation. She has built a strong experience in developing multichannel communications and marketing also from the customer’s side in various industries and covering several markets.

At Mailand she has concentrated on construction and real estate business and health and social services, among others. Strategy renewals, leading change and crisis communications are Outi’s core strengths.

Outside of work, she can be found at a gym or in an art museum. Or somewhere totally else.

Anni Turpeinen
Communications Consultant
+358 50 5541543

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Working at a PR consultancy requires an educated mind, a market economy driven view of the society, economy and business life, a thirst for personal development as well as creativity and edge. A bit of fighting spirit also helps.

If you are interested, we can assure you that at Mailand you will be working with bright and talented clients and colleagues. We will support your personal development and at times of celebration glasses will be raised as well.