We create communications that supports leadership and builds value.

Communication + consulting

Communications strategies
Internal communications
Crisis communications
Media relations

Communications planning and consulting should be extended to all needs and levels of the organisation. Planning creates the foundation for consistent operations, as well as prepares for exceptional circumstances, crises or strategic projects such as mergers and acquisitions. We update the plans regularly to maintain the forward-thinking spirit.

We strengthen your brand awareness, company profile and employer image with media communications and other PR activities. Strengthening personal branding and supporting the spokespersons is also an important part of our services.

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Communications + marketing

Business communications
Content marketing
Social media
Communications director as a service

Communications and marketing are often on the same manager’s palette. That’s the way we too see them. What they have in common is that both communications and marketing must be based on facts. Styles may change depending on the target audience or medium.

In business communications, we often start with a plan on how to best utilise own, bought and earned media. Or we might complement your team with a communications expert or manager. We will provide you with an experienced professional for executing and developing top-notch communications.

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Content + visuality

Content design
Writing and content development
Press releases, articles and larger pieces of content
Infographics, photography and videos

At its core, communications means defining and sharing content – defining based on your objectives and sharing based on the channels that reach your audience. Content planning sets the guidelines for creating different texts, stories as well as designs and visualisations.

So you have brilliant ideas but never enough time to write them down? And you are perfectly aware that there are numerous channels that require new, interesting and target-oriented content? Sounds familiar. Writing is the PR consultant’s fundamental skill – and we do a lot of it to help leaders get their voices heard. Infographics, photographs and videos complement and highlight news pieces and marketing messages.

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Workshops + trainings

Core message and objectives
Themes and topics of communications
100 ideas
Media and performance training

A major part of a PR consultancy’s work is done close to the clients – even in the same room. Workshops and brainstorming sessions are key tools. Working together, we discover, evaluate and apply the best ideas. A confidential workshop is also a great way to clarify your objectives.

Ideas don’t just happen. They need a lot of work, analysis and sharpening to make them appeal to their audience and offer new information or perspectives. Sometimes you may feel that everything worthwhile in the world has already been said, but this is most certainly not true. Every day people are hungry for new innovative ideas, speakers, writers and voices.

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