Aulis Lundell: profiling the company as the leading expert in the circular economy

Our task

We set out to gain visibility for Aulis Lundell Oy at the 2021 Asuntomessut housing fair as an innovative construction product manufacturer, to present the company’s product development expertise through the Pyörre House and to increase the sales of the company’s products and building elements.

Also, to demonstrate to professionals and consumers that steel is an excellent material to shape and design and, moreover, dimensionally accurate and 100% recyclable. Therefore, a perfect raw material for ambitious architecture and sustainable construction.

We wanted to show everybody that the construction products industry is an ambitious and evolving sector that can improve its performance in the circular economy.

Lastly, we aimed at networking and engaging with business associations, construction companies, product manufacturers, designers, civil servants and other influencers in order to talk about the opportunities of the circular economy.

Our solution

We chose the circular economy in construction industry as the main message and earned media as the main channel. We started media communications in June 2020, when the steel, round frame of the house was ready for demonstration.

In October, we organized a media day for trade media journalists. During October–April, together with the client, we published 5 bulletins about the house, its architect and future owners, 4 newsletters and image and video material about the design and construction for the media and our own Finnish channels. On April 30, we held another media day.

We also produced a T-Studio video series in which Leena Lundell discussed the circular economy of construction with decision makers. In May-June, we published newsletters, video and image material for the media, and gave about 100 interviews.

Our results

Literally dozens of media, bloggers and PR people named Pyörre as a must-see place at the fair. They wrote about the circular economy of construction, steel construction, design, company or people. In July-August, sessions on increased by 162%. On Instagram, guests published 317 stories about Pyörre during the fair. The company was profiled as the leading expert in the circular economy.

The company’s turnover is increasing by 48% from EUR 8.1 million in 2020 to EUR 12 million in 2021.

Consumer sales increased by 39% in June and 81% in July.

B2b sales have increased by 28%.

Four majour cooperation projects were started thanks to the visibility at the fair.

The media spoke about steel in a neutral way, emphasizing recyclability and formability. Communication made construction industry’s circular economy the number one theme at the fair. We got the management of the industry as well as interest groups and product manufacturers to talk about the circular economy.