Efora: We made a firm full of smarter maintenance experts

Our task

The industrial maintenance company Efora revised its strategy and decided to focus on the application of the industrial internet – in other words, information management. In maintenance, this means analyzing the data from production lines so that maintenance can be done at optimal time. Another goal was for the company to recruit dozens of new employees to replace those who retire each year. The average age of Efora’s employees was around 50 years.

What we did

Mailand and design agency Porkka & Kuutsa in cooperation with Efora’s management and personnel crafted a new identity and communications strategy. “Smarter maintenance” was chosen as the core message and tagline. The broader message was the renewal of Finnish industry after years of decline. The choice was based on the observation that everybody at Efora was proud of their skills and wanted to see their future in industry.

Visually, Efora was differentiated from its competitors so that the distinctiveness supported the message. The message of smarter maintenance was to the business press, to local media in industrial towns, as well as to Efora’s personnel and potential employees.

How did we succeed?

In a few years, Efora has become the most prominent company in smarter maintenance in Finland as well as a respected industrial internet pioneer. Efora’s employer image has taken a leap: a large number of hard-working professionals and young talents are applying every year for vacancies and summer jobs as well as apprenticeships. The media has actively written about the views of Efora’s management and experts. Smarter maintenance has become a larger concept than the company itself. In 2017, Efora’s new identity was awarded at the Rebrand Global Awards in the USA.