Enervent Zehnder: An Outsourced Communications Manager Makes Sure the Company Remains Top of Mind 


The team at Enervent Zehnder Oy’s office in Porvoo represents the Swiss Zehnder Group, which excels in providing ventilation solutions tailored for cold climates and Nordic requirements. Sonja Häggman wears many hats: she is responsible for marketing, communications, and customer service. Additionally, the last 12 months of Sonja’s calendar have been filled with a SAP project rolled out across the Nordic countries.  As her range of tasks expanded, she realised that maintaining regular communication with partners and customers was becoming increasingly difficult due to time constraints. Enervent and Mailand had collaborated on some projects over the years, leading to the idea of a more permanent partnership. 



Sonja Häggman considers it crucial to stay in active contact with customers: 

“We cannot sit and wait for them to call us; we must be proactive ourselves. If nothing happens on our channels, people will stop following them.” 

Since 2021, a Mailand consultant has served as the outsourced communications manager, responsible for planning and executing Enervent’s external communications. Communications are produced and localised from Finland for the Swedish and Norwegian markets as well. 



 The outsourced communications manager handles Enervent Zehnder’s LinkedIn page, produces articles for the website and oversees the company’s own newsletter, in addition to collaborating on content for the newsletters of two industry-specific media outlets. Weekly meetings are held to review the upcoming week’s events, materials, and other matters. Additionally, a digital communications consultant from Mailand works alongside the communications manager.  


How Did We Succeed?   

“It’s nice to look at the statistics and see how the work pays off. Success is always a combination of many factors, but I believe our sales have increased since we added articles to our online shop. People spend time on the articles and explore our products. Writing good text and publishing it at the right time is a skill. Our follower count on LinkedIn has grown, and we get a lot of reactions to our posts. A professional knows how to account for ever-changing recommendations and algorithm changes. We work very well together, and the collaboration is easy. 

I have immense respect for the work our communications partner does; we could never achieve this on our own. Mailand has also supported us in organising meetings with the media. In digital matters, we have received much help and good advice on how to get more visitors to our website and online shop. When you find a good partner, you should hold on to them tightly,” says Sonja Häggman. 

More information about the company can be found on Enervent’s website.