Ovumia: Building awareness and profile for a fertility clinic

Our task

If any topic in the health sector is sensitive and personal, then it is fertility treatments provided to private clients. Ovumia, a pioneer in the field in Tampere, made an important acquisition in 2017, when it acquired Terveystalo’s Fertinova clinics in Helsinki and Jyväskylä. This doubled Ovumia’s turnover. Mailand helped publicize the store and raise the profile of Ovumia through effective media communication and content production.

What we did

We highlighted the expertise in the field of fertility care that has developed around various universities and is important for the whole country, as well as Ovumia’s own extensive product development. Although the service is sold to private individuals, a scientifically and technologically ambitious growth company was portrayed to the media. The spokespeople were Ovumia’s highly professional management team members.

How did we succeed?

Over the course of six months, Ovumia Fertinova appeared numerous leading national, regional and professional publications and other media. As a result, other actors in the fertility treatment industry also became more active, which made treatments and cell donations a widely spoken topic in Finland in 2018.