Pracsis: Getting to know EU funding for large energy efficiency projects

ELENA event table sign between the tiny flags of Finland and EU.

Our task

Pracsis is a Brussels-based communications agency specialising in communication projects for the European Union and the European Commission. The Pracsis network is active in all EU countries and is represented in Finland by Mailand. Pracsis was awarded a contract with the European Investment Bank (EIB) to organize a series of information sessions across the European Union’s 27 Member States. The events provided comprehensive information about the ELENA (European Local ENergy Assistance) program, highlighting how Member States can benefit at various levels – nationally, regionally, and locally. For the Helsinki leg of the tour, Mailand was responsible for on-site organisation and marketing and facilitated a smoothly-running seminar.

Our solution

Mailand was responsible for media relations for the event in Helsinki. We also helped to increase the number of participants by adding relevant companies to the list of invited guests and arranging follow-up meetings. Event materials were produced locally following the principles created by Pracsis. We selected suitable partners for the event to provide the technology and simultaneous interpretation. At the event itself, two hosts from Mailand were also contributing to ensure a successful day for the guests and the organisers.

Our results

The ELENA Grants information day was organised in Helsinki in November 2023, providing participants with a wide range of information on how to apply for the grant and the opportunity to network with energy experts. Meetings were also arranged after the event. Strong Finnish and English language skills and a local network of partners were essential to facilitate the organisation of the event. According to the final report, Pracsis was able to rely on the local partner to ensure that the plans were put into practice and that details were proactively considered.