Jumping on a Moving Train – Interim Assignments Challenge Communicators

The essence of consulting work lies in the variety of clients, industries, and tasks where one gets to tackle a wide range of communication and marketing issues. One lesser-known variation is interim assignments, where you rush in at short notice to take charge of a specified set of tasks for a fixed period. After several assignments, I can say that it’s not a small challenge, but a gratifying one.

Each Assignment is Unique

For a communications consultant, taking on a “rental gig” feels akin to jumping onto a moving train. The role of a temporary communications expert highlights the ability to adapt quickly. Even the famous Junior Woodchuck’s Guidebook isn’t always helpful, as every organisation has its own culture, rules, and practices. The professional skills and Mailand’s experience from various industries aid in this process.

Assignments are one-off and therefore unique. Initially, an operational model and the objectives of the task are agreed upon with the client. Industries and ownership backgrounds of organisations vary, but certain things remain constant. In an interim role, rapid learning of new systems and practices is required.

Experience has shown that, in addition to practical tools, it’s crucial to quickly identify who is responsible for what. Understanding who makes the decisions and how cooperation between different teams works is equally important.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to learn the jargon of a completely new industry. In such cases, having a brief glossary of industry terms compiled for new employees can be a great relief.

Added Value from Development Ideas

An interim communicator offers a flexible solution and ensures that processes and any ongoing projects continue smoothly. If needed, we take on the entire communication function management within the agreed scope or for the selected period. Along with practical execution, an experienced professional brings strategic added value, offering fresh perspectives and new ideas.

Mailand provides interim communication services and rental communications manager services either on a fixed-term or open-ended contract basis. The longest assignments have lasted for years. The scope of the task is determined together, either focusing on agreed tasks or within an agreed overall budget.