Kuvassa Euroopan murhattujen juutalaisten muistomerkki

When times are rough, EU needs your vote

What is your relationship with the EU? Now is a perfect time to think. Finland has been part of the Union for almost 30 years – for a whole generation, that is. In the early years, getting to the “core of Europe” had its own charm for us. Detachment from Russia’s influence and confirmation of […]

Advanced studies in sustainability

Advanced studies in sustainability After decades of certification and optimisation, sustainable development finally belongs to the core of companies’ strategies, Kaisa Hietala explained the evolution of sustainable development thinking at the Aalto University School of Economics. She challenged the audience to develop an economic definition for the value of nature, because without it, sustainability of […]
Janet Echelman

Forbidden words

Taboo is a forbidden word, a holy word — a word that must not be uttered in vain. By keeping quiet, we avoid telling the truth. So why do we submit to taboos and accept that some issues are not talked about? Every culture has its own taboos, and politics is an endless source of […]

Now is the time to read Russian classics – start with the Gulag

It is never wrong time to get acquainted with the Russian mental landscape – but now it is more acute than ever. We need to find out what we already know, what is weird and foreign – and what is the message we will never understand. Everything from Pushkin, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Gogol, Bulgakov to Mayakovsky […]

Creating good brand names is a craft of its own

I have had the opportunity to participate in the design of quite a few company names. Now I wrote down the main conclusions based on these experiences. The naming process is straightforward, if the company’s business idea is clear. You find themes and word groups that naturally connect with the business. The job becomes, however, […]

Where does the name of Mailand come from?

Company naming processes tend to get complicated. They start with idea workshops or name competitions. Management teams and board members throw in their heavy weight thoughts. Consultants produce long lists. Finally, a suitable name draft is found. Then it will be further finetuned, spiced, polished – and registered. Mailand’s name was born a lot easier. […]

Communications stands firmly on the management agenda

The role of communications varies from one company to another, depending on the company culture, industry and life cycle stage. What is common is that communications touch nearly everyone in the organisation. This is how we as consultants see it. Our assignments come from our clients’ management and experts, sometimes also from the board or […]
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