ABB: A new, consistent communications strategy and shared core message

Our Challenge

ABB Service had made a number of acquisitions and outsourcing agreements. In a few years, they had welcomed industrial management and maintenance professionals from more than ten companies. As a result, the organisation of about 2000 employees required a new, consistent communications strategy and core message they could share.

What We Did

With intensive core message workshops we pinpointed the factors that set ABB Service apart from its competition. In addition to the management team, also people from sales, marketing, HR, communications, production and customer service attended the workshops. Further, we listened to other employees and several clients. We found out that the important common factor across the company was appreciating colleagues as professionals. This way, the varied backgrounds of employees became an advantage. The theme of appreciation set the tone for the organisation’s internal communications for many years ahead.

How Did We Succeed?

In this case, the key to success was to understand the nature of industrial organisations, listen to the staff and clients and finally to combine the company’s goals with this information. We went beyond the conventions of the industry, straight to what affects people the most. Emotions. Even engineers have them.