Innotiimi-ICG: Systematic content marketing and agile development

Managing Partner Mikko Lehtonen:


“We wanted to make our expertise and success more visible to our customers. Our consultants are focused on expert work, so we needed resources and expertise to support us in increasing visibility and organising the marketing process. In addition, with a brand refresh on the horizon, we wanted a fresh impetus to support awareness and sales.”


“Our collaboration has been a continuous process of joint development. We started with a buyer persona survey with Mailand to identify the needs of our main target groups. From regular content production, we have expanded into campaign-based content marketing and from awareness building to concrete lead generation. In the course of our collaboration, we have revamped our brand, our website and our social media channels. Getting our “own media” in good shape opened up the opportunity to start building a systematic model for marketing and selling specialist services.”

How did we do?

“The best thing about working together with Mailand has been that we can bounce needs and ideas around in a very open way. A continuous development and learning process has created a model that works for us, and the pace of implementation has intensified. Mailand has a high degree of freedom to develop our activities. The next step is to describe our marketing communication process in detail and integrate it more closely with our consultants’ work. The dusting off of the brand’s shoulders has not gone unnoticed by existing clients either. In the course of our collaboration, Innotiimi’s sales have returned to growth.”