LähiTapiola: Communications Manager As A Service

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The 14-person strong communications team at LähiTapiola was facing a resource gap of several months – a gap of one editorial manager. There was a need for someone who could take charge of customer publications in a fast-paced environment.


A communications consultant from Mailand jumped smoothly into the team at LähiTapiola as an editorial manager. Her tasks included content production of customer publications and regular publication of newsletters and supplements in selected magazines. The consultant worked at LähiTapiola four days a week, which allowed for a smooth flow of information and a tight grip on the projects.

How did we do?

Thanks to previous cooperation and commitment with Mailand, the consultant got up to speed with minimal training and was able to take responsibility for her role independently. As a result, there was no discontinuity in the publications, and the permanent editorial manager of LähiTapiola had a ready-made content plan for months waiting on her desk when she returned. The consultant also sparred with the sustainability team, which needed an outside expert’s eye.