VSLJ: Participation and training for crisis management

Executive Director Mia Hänninen:


“VSLJ is a regional expert, partnership and influencer association in southwestern Finland. Our members are organisations working with children, youth and families. In addition to the interests of our 38 member organisations, we look after the over 100-year-old family house Heideken in Turku. As of spring 2019, we did not have an agreed communications policy for crises and emergencies. We wanted to strengthen our expertise and have a clear section on crisis communications in our new communications strategy.”


“Mailand organised a tailor-made crisis communications training for me and our coordinator. In addition to the basics, the training covered emergency communications management and developing a risk map. Afterwards, we practised the new lessons with an exercise simulating a crisis situation. Based on the training, Mailand developed a communications strategy for us.”

How did we do?

“The training was genuinely personalised and focused on our specific needs. Our preparedness for crises and emergencies was strengthened by having clear guidelines and a process description. The cooperation with Mailand also benefits our entire membership – we can pass on the lessons learned and create a common approach for all.”