The global shift in media consumption is shaking political media

“In the foreseeable future, half of consumers will not care whether their news comes from media, social media, a corporate channel or what. As long as the content matches his or her values,” said Fred Cook, Chairman of the Golin, a global communications group, at the ICCO Global Summit in Lisbon last October. This change […]

Communications stands firmly on the management agenda

The role of communications varies from one company to another, depending on the company culture, industry and life cycle stage. What is common is that communications touch nearly everyone in the organisation. This is how we as consultants see it. Our assignments come from our clients’ management and experts, sometimes also from the board or […]
Mailand Helsinki

Innovation in Politics Awards now also in Finland

Innovation and Politics Awards, which promotes European values ​​and democracy, will this year for the first time include competitors from Finland. The competition is run by The Innovation in Politics Institute, and its Finnish representative is Mailand Communications. The Innovation in Politics Institute is a privately funded and independent organization operating in 14 European countries. […]

Transparent lobbying is part of democracy

The rules of lobbying have been mostly unwritten in Finland. The market of influencing has been mostly dominated by lobbying organisations, but in recent years the situation has been changing. PR agencies have developed their influencing services and it seems there has been growing demand for it. It has become a natural part of services […]
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